Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

One down, One Earth Day to go

Squaw Earth Day was an amazing day! Beautiful weather, great people and music, plenty of dogs, and Fair & Green was there all day promoting Fair Trade. 

We hope you'll join us for the 2nd Annual Brickelltown Earth Day on Saturday, April 25th from 12-3 pm. Live tradtional Irish music from Quin. A "Trashion Show" with the Envirolution group from Truckee High School. And much more. 

Ride your bike, get it tuned up by Truckee Trails Foundation. Learn more about alternative energies with SolarWindWorks. Want to know about what greenbikes northtahoe is up to? They will be here. And Truckee Climate Action Network will be handing out their Guide to a Smaller Footprint.

Bring your own mug for Fair Trade beverages...and we'll have Fair Trade brownies too. 

Celebrate with us. Love your Mother Earth. See you there!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enough is Enough: Congo

This is the deadliest war EVER on the planet. Learn up about how to affect change in the Congo. Because we purchase cell phones, iPods and other electonics, there is a battle for control of conflict minerals in the Congo. And it is affecting women and girls at an alarming rate: rape is being used as a weapon of war. 

Please take 5 minutes to educate yourself, sign a pledge and learn how to advocate for the Congo. 

Enough is Enough.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Join us at Squaw for Earth Day on April 18th

Fair & Green will have a booth at Earth Day on Saturday. Come down to see what's new and recycled and fair trade all in one! We'll have some specials while there. And, then don't forget Earth Day at Fair & Green on April 25th. 

What's your pledge to the Earth? We've cut out paper towels at our house and in the shop. And, we're planting a vegetable garden this year. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Annie Lennox Supports World Fair Trade Day

This is a great video on YouTube in which Annie Lennox tells of her support for World Fair Trade Day. 

Will you join us on Saturday, May 9th @ 9 am? Bring your own mug for Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa and snacks. A drumming circle will help us make a Big Bang for Fair Trade around Tahoe. If you can't make ours, go to Gaia-Licious in South Lake or Alley Cat Cafe in Quincy. Or, check out your city or town for a World Fair Trade Day event at .

World Fair Trade Day Generates Big Buzz

“World Fair Trade Day is a great idea. Fair Trade is essential for millions of people who work and struggle for survival everyday. It’s all about justice and human rights. So why don’t you join me in supporting World Fair Trade Day 09” Sir Paul McCartney 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back from the FTF conference & excited!

We've just returned from the Fair Trade Federation and had a great time meeting with other Fair Traders. We threw around plenty of ideas, and found amazing new Fair Trade items to bring into Fair & Green this spring/summer (and even for Winter '09). 

So be on the lookout for new musical instruments, baskets, jewelry, and many other wonderful Fair Trade crafts from around the world in April and May at Fair & Green.

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